Everyone’s summit is different. Some are at 1,500 feet but nonetheless it is a summit and it is as real to the person who climbed it as the 15,000 ft level that may be the next climb. We have been there through a variety of personal and business summits and look forward to discussing our experiences with you about those. Our focus is you, what you are looking for, and ways to achieve that success. You don’t need an expensive broker to sell your business, and your eager (hopefully employee) buyer doesn’t need a massive stack of cash either. Fat Tire Consulting will help to ensure your business goals are met while also allowing for the personal freedom you are looking for in exiting your business. There is always a path for those that are willing to explore, take the risk, and to guide others as they climb higher than you could have imagined. This is our vision for you and we are happy to do everything in our power to help you realize your personal summit.