Congrats! You now have a successful small to mid size ALASKAN business and you are making a name for yourself in the business you have chosen! Now for the real work. We both know that you now are a part of your business and your business is a part of you and there truly is no ‘time off”. At some point we all hit roadblocks, pitfalls, market changes, motivational gaps, increased competition, employee or team issues, compensation/benefit struggles and an entire host of other difficulties. If this were easy, everyone would do it. It is not, and you are not a failure for needing an objective perspective and outside assistance. Let’s get back to focus, review your pain points, and put a strategy to work to not only deploy but review, account for, and continually update as you grow and flourish through the next phase of your business. Fat Tire Consulting is here to do the research, find new markets, look for avenues of growth and to be there by your side as you execute and thrive in your successful business.