Is your mind buzzing with thoughts of striking out on your own? It seems to be a question that is on the minds of a lot of people nowadays. Starting your own business and working from home seems like such an attractive alternative. So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can gain from taking this big step.


  1. When your boss is you, you can take some time off on a sunny day and make up for the time lost after sunset.


  1. You have more freedom in choosing assignments and clients, especially if your portfolio is already impressive.


  1. You are your work: appreciation for what you do is appreciation for you.


  1. You determine your own risks: what insurance you will take and how much you want to put aside for rainy days.


  1. You don’t waste valuable time fighting for your position within a company. Always trying get promoted, keeping an eye on envious colleagues, and constantly flattering your boss… that’s not for you.


  1. If you can work from home most of the time, you will save a bundle in travel and fuel costs. This means that at the end of the month you will have a little more left over to play with.


  1. Consulting with colleagues takes time and doesn’t always happen efficiently. No more meetings and no more listening to endless vacation stories. What a relief!


  1. A company acts as an intermediary between the client and yourself. But do you really need a middleman when you can have a more direct relationship with your client? More control over your relationships with clients means that these relationships can be fine-tuned for an optimal match.


  1. Did you have an extra busy month? Your reward is that you get to send out a big, fat stack of bills.


  1. No more wading through endless pools of job advertisements, fruitlessly looking for a job that gives you everything you want. No job is ever going to be perfect, but you can come pretty close when you create your own.


Yes, being your own boss is hard work. You have to take all the responsibility, and often you are dealing with problems all by yourself. The other side of the coin however, is that it can be incredibly empowering, and you will gain a lot freedom and respect.