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We aren’t “suits.” We are real Alaskans that have a true passion for seeing greatness for small business ownership and opportunities in this state. We got here by working hard and getting help from those that came before us. Now we are working to be the step up that our partners need.

We believe in small business and we believe in Alaska entrepreneurship. We our in a stage of our own lives that require us to give back. Your idea, your team, your brand, your culture.

Fat Tire Consulting is built, 100% on the success of local Alaskan businesses and our local economy. Nothing else. We will learn, work for, and assist in growing your idea, your business, your people, and your success at every level.

Where we do not have the answers, we will find them. Let us do what you don’t have the time to do and let’s work together to make priorities for change, initiate that change, and meet regularly to be held accountable about hitting the goals set forth. We want to partner with you whether you are at the idea stage (Gear UP), Growth stage (Climb) or Exit Stage (Summit).



No matter where you are on your path, Fat Tire Consulting can step in to work side-by-side with you to establish your goals, develop a path forward, and assist in executing those plans. We are willing to put in the work for you to ensure your plans stay on track in ever changing terrain.


We are Alaskan small business owners who are here for one simple reason: To help Alaskan business owners achieve their dreams of success through all types of terrain as they plan, start, grow, and invest themselves in their businesses. Plan. Execute. Thrive. Let Fat Tire Consulting be your riding partner on the adventure!

“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.” – MLK JR.

Your Business is Our Success.

  • Start up/Business Concept Review

  • Acquisition, merger, and local business sale (to new owner) assistance.

  • Work directly with successful Alaska Entrepreneurs to gain new knowledge & expertise.

  • Brand Growth

  • Market Analysis

  • Vendor Qualification and Research

  • Advertising and Marketing Review and Modification

  • Merger & Exit planning

Let’s Start the Conversation

Your business IS our business. Plan. Execute. Thrive. Let our LOCAL team be your guide.

The start of any business is a spark, passion or idea. Everyone has a different reason as to why business entrepreneurship is for them.

Not sure where to start? Let’s have a basic introductory meeting on your Alaska business idea. We will gather information to develop a written business proposal detailing what a full scale write up on getting it going, who to work with, where to go with the market, etc. 

+ Chat with you in person or over the phone.
+ Understand your challenges and needs.
+ Ask about the details of your idea/start-up
+ Focus on client outcomes
+ Recommend next steps

We will take an honest review of your idea, startup or seasoned business in order to evaluate your strengths and pain points. Working together to learn your business allows us the opportunity to review what’s working and what’s not.

+ Leadership/Team Building Consultant
+ Help you to determine your Innovative business offering
+ Advertising & Marketing Consulting
+ Business Management Consultant
+ Efficiency & Stress Management consulting
+ Exit & Merger consulting

“A good plan, violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.”

George Patton.

We will take the information we have learned about your business to you create a comprehensive strategic plan and next steps. Including, KPIs and goals to take your business to the level of performance you desire. Our plan includes on-going account management support and accountability. Your success in your business is our highest priority. Roadmaps to determine current and future planning for your business will eliminate the chaos of business operations that have brought you to seeking help.

You no longer have to “do it alone.” We will take this journey with you and we will push through ANY terrain we face, together.



Let’s Go!


We are here to share all aspects of doing business in Alaska. Are you looking for inspiration, information or want to connect with other businesses in Alaska? Stay tuned by getting notified of our updates.

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Sneak peek into the way my brain works, and the kind of thinking you will find when you work with me on your business at Fat Tire Consulting, LLC.  

People often ask and wonder why their business is failing, why they are losing sales, or how the other guy is growing.  It all leads to a frustration, a jump to drop the price, or to blame employees or front line workers for all of the companies failures.  More often than not the only tool we need is a mirror, an honest conversation, and a sharpening of our focus on what brought us to our business in the first place and why our customers (used to) love us.  

I took the picture below as I drove out of the neighborhood this morning.  That newspaper took a LOT of human capital to produce.  From the report, editor, the newspaper building, printer, and all the utilities it takes to run it - not to mention the bag that is produced by oil to carry and keep it safe on its journey to your door.  It is then driven (or carried) to your neighborhood in a car made with precious metals and burning fossil fuel.....

All to be left 25 feet from you door, on a 4 degree morning for you to venture out and get.  Before your first cup of coffee.  

My point is this.  You put so much work, so much time, so much effort, money, love and most importantly YOUR LIMITED HUMAN CAPITAL into your business and more often than not the reason you are coming up short is illustrated right here.  You dont go the extra 25 feet.  

Let me help motivate you to do just that.  Close the gaps, finish the circle, and go that extra 25 feet.

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This is what I learned in about $3000 worth of my MBA coursework, should have just followed Rob more closely!

Absolutely. I know that is what makes me as a customer go back for more business. When a company shows that they care, that they value your experience, and that they will go that extra 25 feet for me. It’s all about letting your passion shine through to the eyes of the customer, bringing them the same joy that you feel when you pour your heart into your work to make things great for your customers. It’s not always easy to know how to squeeze out that extra 25 feet though. I bet anything that Fat Tire Consulting could make that happen for any business!

Motivation is such a critical part of sustaining a self-employed life...hearing that loud and clear! 🙂

BRAND.....BRAND.....BRAND it's everything about all that you've mentioned and you are one of a GREAT group of business owners who always seemed to understand this so keenly....internally and externally as well.

I agree with Ben 😂 we’ve spent a lot of money to learn this. Happy to say I’m following you now!

No comments 🙁 Awe man. I came back here looking for gold before I headed home. Maybe I can get you guys to engage next week!

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5 months ago
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“Continue to strive, continue to have goals, continue to progress and anything you want good, you can have. Claim it, work hard to get it, when you get it, reach back, pull someone else up. Each one teach one. Don’t just aspire to make a living. Aspire to make a difference.” -Denzel Washington


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